When You Have Your Health

An old saying goes: When you have your health, you have everything. A recent survey conducted by the Society for Human Resource Management found that younger workers are adopting this maxim. The survey of more than 600 people found that benefits were more important to them than actual salary.

Why does this matter to clinicians? It is interesting to note that the types of benefits deemed most important to participants were wellness benefits. They included health/lifestyle coaching, a fitness center on premises, and ergonomic improvements such as standing desks. Employers have responded positively to the wellness trend by increasing the number and types of benefits offered.

Millennials and Generation Xers were more likely to demand and make use of the wellness benefits than Baby Boomers and the long term implications for medical practices are becoming clear. Patients of the future will come to clinics and practices in a healthier overall state. They will also demand more wellness information and preventive health strategies from their health care providers. The time is now to move medical practices from an acute/chronic focus to one of helping patients achieve and maintain their best state of health.

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