Correct, Complete, and Electronic There’s no doubt about it. The explosion of information technology in health care settings has revolutionized the way clinicians do their charting. Many patient interactions that used to require the composition of full sentences are now reduced to checkboxes. Patient records are viewable by many clinicians in multiple locations as patients move through diagnosis and treatment. That’s both the good news and the bad news. Patient’s…

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Interdependence: The Future of Health Care

Early Detection Means Better Health At the recent National Primary Oral Health Conference, I saw hundreds of oral health professionals from all across the U.S. We attended seminars, cruised the exhibit hall, and conversed at breakfast, lunch, and dinner. What impressed me the most was how single-focused they all were. “On what?” you ask. On the integration of oral health and primary medical care. The evidence all points in one…

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The Affordable Care Act

A Work in Progress Since well before March of 2010 when it was passed into law, The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) has caused huge controversy with “shouting heads” on either side of the issue making their opinions known through the media. Now, in 2014, we are just beginning to see the growing effects of its implementation. The central aim of the ACA is to achieve a high…

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National Primary Oral Health Conference

Healthcare Leadership in Action I just returned from the National Primary Oral Health Conference, the largest gathering of safety-net oral health professionals in the U.S. It was truly inspiring to learn more about the progressive work being done in the arena of oral health. As the daughter of a dentist, I’ve known since childhood that there is no such thing as good overall health without good oral health. That vital…

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Welcome to InnovaHealth Innovations

Welcome to InnovaHealth Innovations Understanding Healthcare Change   Hello, and welcome to our blog. InnovaHealth Innovations (IHI) is a new, Portland, Oregon-based company created to helping medical practices respond to changes happening across the healthcare system. IHI conducts audits and compliance reviews, and provides technical assistance to ensure that practices are complying with new regulations and programs underthe Affordable Care Act. Our company is qualified to evaluate the Health Resources…

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